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People are very concerned about rodent control- and with good reason. If rodents enter your home or business, they are much more than a nuisance. Rodents consume and contaminate food with their fur, urine, and feces. Rat burrowing causes streets and structures to collapse. Their constant gnawing damages property. This has caused power outages, Internet blackouts, computer crashes, fires, and human deaths as well.

So it is essential to use professional rodent management solutions to protect your house or business from rats and mice.

We provide:

  • Bait Stations, Normal or Landscape
  • Rodent Glue Traps
  • Mechanical Snap Trap
  • Ultrasonic Rat Repeller
  • Site survey and Rodent control solution.

We cater to:

  • Residential and Commercial properties
  • Industrial sites
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